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Stand Up
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Show Up - Why Men's Ministry

We believe that men’s ministry is to be sustainable, relevant, and inclusive, and invites men to become servant leaders in their families, churches, workplaces, and communities.

We believe that men’s ministry is to be rooted in the church and the Fellowships of The Red Bandanna are to be catalysts to awaken, equip, strengthen, and engage men in their churches.

The Fellowships of The Red Bandanna are about men coming together in fellowship in a safe and comfortable environment that is welcoming for every man in the church, every man away from the church, every man seeking and every man that each of us needs to come alongside!

Show up ... Stand up ... Stay up

The Fellowships of The Red Bandanna is about a place where we honour men for showing up, together strengthen one another as we stand up and pursue authentic, Christ centered relationships as we stay up.

The fellowship of The Red Bandanna meetings are designed to focus on heart transformation not behavior change and strive to meet each man where he is not where someone else wants him to be.

The Fellowships of The Red Bandanna create the opportunity to connect; the supporting small groups capture and build on the connection and the connecting regional meetings and events linked to church lead initiatives sustain the momentum.

Why is an all inclusive Men’s ministry in our Church so important?

What do men need?

We have a few men meeting once a month…..isn’t that enough?

Where do we start…it seems almost impossible?

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