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My name is Kevin, I am a truck driver. I travel from Ontario to Michigan between three and four times a week, delivering and picking up steel.

On May 17, 2006, I was checking in to get paperwork done, at a regular customer, in their secured facility.  A friend by the name of Tom, that was also in the secured facility, phoned me to ask where I was and where was my truck going. Obviously, my trickster pal, was on the roll again trying to get me going as usual so I hung up.

After about the third call I asked him If he was serious, as now I was standing with security officers checking in. My friend, Tom, told me that he was serious, so security alerted all 15 gates to not let my truck out.  Between the initial call from Tom and his alerts, there was about 7-10 min.

TOO LATE!!!!!! The truck and 6 axle trailer made it out the gate under our noses, not only driving by Tom, but out a gate within 300 yards from where I was talking to security. The Detroit (Dearborn) Police were called and the search of  the facility started, as we thought there wasn't a chance at this point that it left the property.

WELL BROTHERS!!!!!!! this is where it gets interesting. As I was giving descriptions and information to the police and security guard (I was a little upset and to say the least wasn't using standard “Christian” vocabulary) the police left and the first guard passed me off to his superior, Lt. Sam Moore.

When I got into his truck, he seemed to relax me a bit, being a fairly new Christian (2 years) I didn't recognise what was happening. Sam took me to headquarters to make the appropriate calls.  As we were talking on the way back to Tom's truck (my ride home), I said to Sam that if the thief could have just left my Bible, and notes with my ID they could have the rest.

WELL!!!! was there ever a great big door open up as wide as the world, because Sam Moore is a Christian.  He has a ministry called Come and Dine in the greater Detroit area. This man was my angel on earth when I needed him. He looked at me put out his hand and before I new it my hand was in his and we were praying for my lost truck and trailer and for the thief that stole it.


The whole ordeal turned from a theft to a fellowship between us. Since then Sam (my Brother in Christ) has phoned twice to check up and to pray together.  We have made plans to meet when I get back out on the road again to where he works. This has opened my heart up more than I could ever believe between meeting Sam and the blessings that have come to me. Some of those special blessings came for my family from my church in my time of need.  I thank God for all of this for from the bad comes some good.

OH!! by the way my trailer was recovered 1 day later and my truck was recovered a week from the day.  Both were stripped and damaged quite a bit, it seems that someone needed a bed and a bit of food, and a Bible.  I hope the people who stole the rig, and took what they thought was of value, may realize that when they dumped the truck they blessed a homeless person in need as well. 

As bad as I felt there was blessing upon blessing in this deal. THANK GOD!!!!

Wayne in Ontario

Hi my name is Wayne Campsall. I have been a construction electrician for 46 years. During most of that time I have been a warrior for Christ.

Construction lends itself to trust in God to get you the job you need better than most forms of employment.   You never know where or when you will find work.

I have travelled all over North America for work. God sent me a lot of places. In each of those places he has sent me men to give his message too.

About three years ago I was “forced” to go to the tar sands in Alberta. I fought very hard against God on that one as I did not really want to go. He closed all other doors like he always does until I had to go.

When I got there I was put on a crew that had two other Christians on it. We had a Baptist, a Seventh Day Adventist and me, a warrior for Christ. We openly discussed our faith and how it worked, sharpening one another daily.

The rest of the crew would listen to our discussions so it gave us a chance to witness to them that we would not normally get if there were only one of us.

On the crew there was a true biker type. Very large with a big belly he sold and took drugs pimped for women and had a large gambling habit. He always sat and listened to our discussions sometimes making fun of us some times asking questions.

On the last day there I found myself up on a big tower with him.  He said to me that he wanted to ask me a question and he did not want me to laugh at him. I told him we were up to high and he was to big to laugh at so shoot.

He said "I want to know God". I almost fell off the tower. I asked him why and he told me that he had watched the three of us Christians and saw that nothing ever bothered us, that we had a way of finding good in everything and were obviously at peace. He said “I need that, I have an awful life.” 

I told him to read the new testament and see who it was that he wanted to follow. If after that he still wanted to follow Christ, start going to a church of his choice and learn more. He thanked me and told me he would get a new testament that night.

Because he was a transient worker I do not know what happened to him after that, but I know God was calling to him and would help him through as long as he kept searching.



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