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Meeting Types - The Fellowships of the Red Bandanna


The Fellowship of the Red Bandanna is a wide entry point, Christian men’s group model designed to meet men where they are at, supporting the local Church and designed to pursue and engage the following 3 purposes:

  1. Attitude – real men – showing up – purpose – character – heart transformation

    • To transform and renew our Attitude by imitating Christ’s humility (Philippians 2:1-11)

  2. Action – real issues – standing up – people – consistency – servant leadership

    • To be powers of example by our Action as servant leaders in our Families, Churches, Workplaces and Community. (Acts 4:13) (Romans 13:14)

  3. Accountability – real relationships – staying up – process – confidence – one heart and mind

    • To be uncompromised Christians, with Accountability to God, another man and the Group
      (Proverbs 27:17 and Psalm 32:5)

Vision "Men on Purpose"



“Our mission is to provide men opportunities to equip themselves as disciples in Christ, to strengthen their brothers in Christ and as a power of example, wear servant leadership in their families, churches, workplaces and communities with a contagious passion for Christ”



The Fellowship of the Red Bandanna is built around at minimum, monthly group breakfast meetings that includes:

  • Open in Prayer.

  • Table Group - Attitude Check In: Discussion at tables of 6 to 9 men
    Name, Emotion, Praise Reports

  • The Big Idea: Come back together as one group
    Themed message that sets the tone for the meeting

  • Table Group - Big Idea Discussion: Discussion at tables of 6 to 9 men
    Discussions and sharing on preset relational and Big Idea questions.

  • Highlights of Big Idea Discussions. Come back together as one group

  • Induction Ceremony:
    Based on the Fellowship of the Red Bandanna 9/11 Welles Crowther story.

  • Action Plans:
    • Connecting opportunities to other men’s small group activities (ie. Man in The Mirror)
    • Plans for upcoming community initiatives as well as regional events (ie. Promisekeepers)

  • Receiving the Offering/Close in Prayer.

May the Fours Be With You

A small group accountability/encouragement model

  • FOURS is a 16 minute Spiritual Growth Model.

  • Men are encouraged to enter into a FOURS commitment.

  • FOURS are:

    • 4 minutes in prayer.

    • 4 minutes in the word.

    • 4 minutes listening to the lord.

    • 4 minutes sharing with another man.

  • Men doing FOURS set a target ratio and build from there:

Ratio 1:30    – Doing Fours once in 30 days.
Ratio 30:30   – Doing Fours everyday.

FOURS Tracking - My Target Ratio is    :30

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Promisekeepers Men’s Conference


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