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Michael Walker

Mike Walker

Michael has given the leadership of his life to Jesus and walks by faith to:

Lead by example - Live on purpose

The Lord placed a burden on Michael’s heart to build into men; revealing strongholds, destroying bondages and helping men to walk in victory and freedom, through Christ, in faith hope and love.

Michael leads the initiatives of The Fellowships of The Red Bandanna and speaks regularly at various men’s events including Promise Keepers who he has a particular passion for.

“With only 1 in 13 men in discipleship in the church and 1 in 43 in the population as a whole it is easy to see how important it is to come alongside men and help them become servant leaders in their families, churches, workplaces and communities”.

Michael believes we need to meet men where they are at in safe environments with wide entry points that:

  • Honour men for showing up,
  • Engage authentic fellowship to help men to stand up and
  • Advances heart transformation, the core affections of our hearts, to be more like Jesus Christ to stay up.

Michael is the Leader for Men’s Ministry at Christian Victory Church which is located in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.

Michael is also a professional Leadership Coach and Speaker. He is married to Sharon, has a 24 year old daughter Sarah, 10 year old step twins Eric and Kaitlyn, five cats, and a woofer named Nellie.

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